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Traditional & Multi-Grain Hearth Breads

Breads are made as 1 or 2-pound loaves, shaped as boule or batard, depending on the dough, my mood, or your request. Baguettes are weighed out at 11 ounces each and packaged two to a bag. Most of these breads can be shaped as baguette loaves, rolls, seeded rolls, etc, for special orders. 

Parisian Baguettes — A traditional straight-yeasted French baguette, light and airy, with a crispy crust. Made with our own special recipe, with a touch of whole grain wheat and rye for flavor. $4.00

Country French Boule and Batard loavesCountry FrenchThis is a hearty, chewy peasant bread available in boule or batard form. Built from a long-rising sponge, or poolish, this bread has a pleasant nuttiness when toasted and is approximately 31% whole wheat & rye. Excellent all-purpose bread. 1#-$4.00 2#-$6.00



 Sourdough French Baguettes — Our naturally-leavened baguette, again made with a touch of whole grain wheat and rye. Light, crispy, begging to be toasted, this bread has a pleasant sour undertone. $4.00



Country French Sourdough — Similar to the Country French, this wonderful peasant bread is built from our natural leaven. One third whole grain wheat and rye, nutty toastiness with a pleasant sourdough undertone. 1#-$4.00 2#-$6.00



Sourdough Buckwheat — A delicious naturally leavened bread made from 1/4 whole grain buckwheat flour. The crust bakes up dark brown and hard, like pottery, while the crumb is a wonderful blue-grey color. Delightful toasted, or served with hearty cheese, the Sourdough Buckwheat is a pleasant change from your typical bread. 1#-$5.00 2#-$7.00



Whole Grain Miche — The baker’s favorite, the Whole Grain Miche starts with a whole grain sourdough leaven, and is a mixture of freshly ground whole grain red and white wheat and freshly ground whole grain spelt flour. Perfect for toasting, or sandwiches, or with hearty soups and stews. If I could only make one bread, this is it. 1#-$4.00 2#-$6.00




Please tell me you don’t like rye, and then give me the opportunity to convert you. If the only rye you’ve ever eaten came off the shelf in the grocery store, I don’t blame you. Those breads are poor substitutes for the real thing. A fake Jewish Rye with a smattering of caraway seeds and a dose of caraway flavoring is not rye. Our ryes all begin with freshly ground organic rye berries and are built from well-maintained sourdough cultures.

Auvergne Dark Rye — Owl Creeks heaviest rye bread, this is another French-style sourdough, over 70 % rye. Baked free-form, this bread is low and dense. We like it sliced thin, spread with good mustard, topped with ham and cheese, and maybe some thinly sliced onions, buttered, then grilled over low heat till almost crispy. I’m hungry just thinking about it… 1#-$4.00 2#-$6.00



Dark Polish Chleba — The quintessential Polish rye bread. The perfect vehicle for your favorite ham sandwich or grilled cheese. 1#-$4.00 2#-$6.00




Costa Rye Sourdough — A slow 24 hour rise gives this loaf an intense rye flavor accentuated by wonderful sour development.  Dense and chewy, this is a wonderful accompaniment with strong cheeses, and excellent for sandwiches. 1#-$4.00 2#-$6.00



Jewish-Style Rye — Built from a buttermilk sour, and generously loaded with caraway, this is the bread that I’ve used to convert the majority of my ‘I don’t like rye’ customers. The perfect Rueben awaits… $6.00



Sandwich Breads

All our sandwich breads are made using delayed fermentation techniques, with soakers that allow active enzymes to go to work on the various grains, and slow-rising sponges. Eventually, the two are mixed together with other ingredients and allowed a final rise before shaping and baking off in loaf pans. The result – 100% whole grain breads that are light and flavorful, without the bitterness commonly associated with whole grains.

Whole Wheat — Exactly what it says. A delicious whole wheat sandwich bread, lightly sweetened with honey, sucanat, brown sugar, or agave syrup (whichever suits my fancy that week) with a soft crumb and crust. $6.00

Multi-Grain — The same as above, but with oatmeal, corn meal, spelt, rye, oat bran and flax seed added. $6.00

Buttermilk Whole Wheat — We use buttermilk in the sponge to give this bread a new depth and richness. $6.00

Broom Bread — Our whole wheat bread fortified with copious amounts of oat bran and flax seed so you’re getting plenty of fiber to ‘sweep you out.’. I’d love to take credit for the name, but I can’t. This is my version of a Peter Reinhart bread. $6.00



Specialty Breads

Chop Block — We take our Sourdough Country French dough and stuff it with spinach, red onion, garlic, cheddar, parmesan, olive oil and black pepper, then chop it up, turning it into a pull-apart bread, perfect for a snack, an appetizer, or a main course accompaniment. Available in 2 ounce and 4 ounce for snacks, buffets or as dinner rolls. Also available in 1 pound and 2 pound sizes and suitable as a display for the table. 1#-$6.00 2#-$10.00. Call or email for pricing on snack size or minis.


Walnut-Raisin Miche — Our signature Whole Grain Miche with the addition  of sweet raisins and toasted walnuts. Delightful for toast or paired with cheeses. 1#-$6.00 2#-$10.00

Raisin-Craisin-Pecan Sourdough — Country French Sourdough with sweet raisins, tangy cranberries and toasted pecans. Wonderful toasted with butter or cream cheese. Fantastic as French toast. 1#-$6.00 2#-$10.00



Three-Seed Sourdough — Toasted pumpkin, sunflower and sesame seeds are added to our Country French Sourdough, then the shaped dough is rolled in additional sesame seed before baking. One of our most favorite toasting breads. 1#-$6.00 2#-$10.00




Apple Strudel — The finest hand-pulled apple strudel in the High Country. Tart Granny Smith apples, lemon juice and zest, brown sugar and cinnamon, toasted almonds or pine nuts, melted butter and sourdough bread crumbs. Priced by the serving. Contact me for details.



Chocolate Babka —A traditional Jewish sweet bread. Think butter, eggs and sugar held together by a small amount of flour, then filled with Ghirardelli dark chocolate. Slice it open and it screams for coffee. Try it as French toast for a particularly decadent treat. $7.00


Cinnamon Walnut Babka — Not a ‘lesser’ babka, this bread has an intense, warm filling made of cinnamon and toasted walnuts. $7.00

French Country Chocolate Cherry — Sourdough made richer with the addition of dark cocoa, Ghirardelli Dark Chocolate chips, and dried cherries. Decadent and rich without a sugar rush. Try this warmed or toasted with a smear of Nutella, or a generous serving of plain chevre. 1#-$6.00 2#-$10.00


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