Owl Creek Breadworks is an organic, micro-bakery located in the heart of the Appalachians. Specializing in European style hearth breads, using fresh ground organic and certified chemical free grains, our goal is to serve real bread to real people.
I’m Bruce. Husband, father of three, baker of real bread and excellent bagels.

15 responses to “About”

  1. Daphne Woodall says :

    Loved reading your story in the Wautauga Democrat. Kudos to you for determination. Our son attends ASU (Soph) who also loves to cook for fun and is pretty good. (and cooks in his dorm kitchen) We will have to locate your breads next time we’re there for a visit.

    Best wishes for continued success.

    • owlcreekbreadworks says :

      Thanks for the encouragement Daphne. Just let me know when you’re coming up and I’ll be happy to serve you.

  2. Sandra says :

    What breads do you make that is gluten free?

    • owlcreekbreadworks says :

      We don’t make anything that we sell commercially that is gluten-free. I’d have to have separate baking facilities to do that. I can put you in touch with good resources if you are interested in doing some of your own baking.

  3. bob feger says :

    fantastic article.. I only wished I lived closer but perhaps someday soon I will venture over there. Being partially handicapped its tough for me this time of year but that Dark Chocolate Babka sounds heavenly as does your Jewish Rye. 1 question, is the rype with a ” hard crust” and also do you have a bread slicer? Thanks again and best wishes for continued success.

    • owlcreekbreadworks says :

      Thanks Bob. We appreciate it. The Chocolate Babka should come with a warning on it. 🙂
      Our Jewish Rye has a softer crust than most hearth breads. We don’t have a bread slicer. We prefer people to slice as they need it because it stays fresher that way.

  4. Tami Berman says :

    Great story. I was searching for a sourdough babka recipe and found your story. I have been doing a lot of sour dough baking with my own starter that I started this past fall. It has been a great winter for being inside and baking. I tried adapting a few recipes, but none are sweet enough for my kids. Would you mind sharing your recipe? I think one of the issues is that the starter eats up a lot of the sugar during the souring time. I would love some tips. Best Wishes.

  5. burgeoningfoodie says :

    Saw your post on Michael Ruhlman’s site. Where were you when I was an Appstate Student. I think all that was around then was Boone Bagelry and Stickboy but that was the late 90s and early 2000s. I’m an amateur baker and take things based on recommendations from sites like The Fresh Loaf. I’m trying to work better on getting scoring down. I’ll be trying your bagels soon as I love bagels and you can’t really find any that fit the bill around the Triangle area either unless you make them yourself.

  6. Devona Bright says :

    I was fortunate enough to meet you this weekend at pick up a loaf of your Country French Bread at my local Farmer’s Market. The texture and the flavor was amazing. We sliced it thick and toasted it in the oven lightly buttered till the whole loaf was gone.

  7. Joanne Hoffman says :

    Is it possible to have an order shipped to Illinois? My mouth is watering!

    • owlcreekbreadworks says :

      We can do that! Message me directly through the ’email the baker’ button at the bottom of the page.

  8. angelo donatelli says :

    Hello Bruce
    This is Angelo Donatelli. We talked on the phone several weeks ago about the possibility of helping you out during the summer. I wanted to ask for your email address again so I can send some Bio and work information. My E-mail School has been hectic and unforgivable ! I’m about to go to Bare Essentials to get some things and I plan on picking up a loaf!
    Angelo Donatelli

  9. Erin Morrow says :

    Hi! Do you ever do facility tours of your micro bakery? I order bread for my Dad and I think it would be fun for him to see where it is made!

  10. angelo donatelli says :

    Hey Bruce,

    Hope all is well with family and bread. I’m teaching in California now. I was sharing with the students the one time made too much Ciabatta dough and you were kind and reassuring- “we sold it all- people wanted Ciabatta today.” Just wanted to let you know that I appreciate you and the work you showed me.

    Angelo Donatelli

  11. Mitchell Dosa says :

    Holy Moly, Bruce,

    I’ve been purchasing your breads over the past year from Watauga County Farmer’s Market, and I just bought some today from the Winter Farmer’s Market. I walked into that room and was immediately drawn to the smell of the Chocolate Babka. Your breads are next level. You’re really doing us all a service, who appreciate bread.
    Very excellent website, by the way. It was interesting to read about all these breads. I’ll have to try the Whole Grain Miche.
    (I posted this on your FB page as well. People need to know about Owl Creek Breadworks.)

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